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New Admissions for Winter Semester 2024/25 (GSSP Scholarship and regular programme positions)

The Class of Language Education is inviting applications for regular PhD-places (without funding) starting with the forthcoming winter semester 2024/25. Additionally, we are pleased to offer one attractive GSSP scholarship from the DAAD, specifically available for non-German applicants.

Application deadline: May 1, 2024.

The Class of Language Education offers a research-oriented teaching program open to doctoral students from all didactical fields of the Faculty of Language and Literature at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. University lecturers from the didactics of German, English, the Romance and Classical languages represent a broad spectrum of theoretical positions, research methodological approaches and different practical references. The interdisciplinary nature of the course offerings especially focuses on processes and outcomes of teaching and learning languages, literature, and culture in first, second, and foreign languages. Possible doctoral theses can deal with historical, theoretical or empirical issues of language, literature or media didactics as well as professional research.

We recommend all applicants to inform themselves about financing possibilities at an early stage and to refer in particular to scholarships from various foundations and science sponsors (see for example GraduateCenter LMU or StipendiumPlus).

Requirements for application

  • University degree graded as above average (Staatsexamen, state board examination, Magister Artium, Diploma, Master of Arts, Maîtrise, Laurea, etc.) in one of the following (didactic-oriented) subjects: English, American Studies, German, Romance Languages and Literatures, Classical Philology, Language Education Research
  • The Magister, Master's, Diploma, or Thesis required for Staatsexam must be graded “good” (certificate required)
  • Working knowledge in European academic languages (ideally three, at least two, one of them must be German)
  • Willingness to actively participate in a structured doctoral program.

Selection procedure

A select group of applicants will be chosen based on their applications and invited to an academic discussion with a selection committee, who will decide which candidates to admit. The selection criteria include the quality and feasibility of the dissertation project, academic qualifications, the ability to discuss and cooperate, as well as willingness and ability to work on comprehensive theoretical and methodological questions in accordance with the aims of the doctoral program.

Application documents

  • An essay describing your motivation for applying to the program. Please also indicate the name of the LMU University teacher responsible for the dissertation project in this essay (1-2 pages)
  • An exposé of your dissertation project with a work plan (10-12 pages)
  • A reference letter from a professor providing information about your academic potential. If you apply for a DAAD GSSP scholarship, please ask your professor to use this template provided by the DAAD for the letter of reference:
  • Curriculum Vitae with an up-to-date, detailed description of your academic history
  • Certified copies of all leaving certificates, diplomas, and degrees from all schools and universities (must include the grade of final theses and final overall grades)
  • One copy of your university thesis (or a two to three page abstract in German or English if it is in an infrequently used language)

How to apply

The application has to be submitted via our application portal


What happens after we receive your application?

You will be notified by e-mail about whether your application has been successful in the first round of the two-stage approval process. If it was, you will be invited to a selection interview, which will take place shortly afterwards. Please also note that we cannot cover any costs associated with your journey to the selection interview. In justified exceptional cases, however, it may be conducted as an online meeting. 

For further information on the doctoral program and the application process please contact the Dr. Markus Wiefarn (